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Troponin C (rabbit skeletal)

Experience the Ocean Advantage by using our Troponin. Ocean Biologics has been a troponin supplier for 26 years. Save valuable time and money by buying our troponin. We sell troponin at very competitive prices. So buy troponin from us!

We have been preparing Troponin Complex, Troponin I, Troponin C, and Troponin T for over two decades, using proven, gentle purification methods to insure quality and purity.

Troponin C is a part of the Troponin complex and contains four calcium-binding EF hands, and contains two lobes, N and C. The C lobe can bind either calcium or magnesium, and binds to the N lobe of Troponin I. The N lobe binds calcium as well as the C domain of Troponin I.

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